A little time

2016-07-27 14:24:03 by KrungStoke94

To anyone who sees this, it's taken me a little while to gather the materials I need to really start animating. But I'm getting really close now. Still experimenting with armature design and movements. But I'll keep a few songs comin just for consistency's sake!

Hey everyone! It's been a little while since I've visited this site, but when the time came for me to find a cool forum to post up my own animations/music, I immediately thought Newgrounds! I've recorded alot of music in my apartment in Houston, Texas. You can easily find it on youtube or soundcloud just by typing my name 'Krung Stoke'. But for this site, I feel it's necessary to have a cool video to go along with the tunes. Y'all work hard, I should too! So my posts will be a bit slower on here because I have to animate by hand and with a really crappy rig at the moment. But I have my first animation/song ready to go! If you dig it, stick around and I'll be getting out as many as I can!